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“I had such a wonderful evening yesterday, on my birthday. The food was, as per usual, absolutely delicious!”


Maria Kowalski

“It was a fantastic evening in your superb restaurant. The menu was as always of the highest standard.”

KLA Toronto

Joshua Smith

“Thank you for an enchanting evening. My family and I were enchanted by this wonderul place.”


Lena Hammet

“As an Ice Cream LOVER, I’m always on the lookout for new flavors and experiences. That’s when I discovered The Creamy Wheels in Tampa. Their Ice Cream made LIVE concept blew me away! The passion and expertise that went into creating each Ice Cream was evident in every bite. The Creamy Wheels not only delivers exceptional quality but also provides an interactive and engaging Ice Cream experience. It’s an absolute must-visit for all Ice Cream enthusiasts!”

Chef & Food Lover

Jane Oliver

“The Creamy Wheels has revolutionized the way we enjoy Ice Cream! Their unique concept of making Ice Cream LIVE sets them apart from other Ice Cream parlors in Tampa. The experience of seeing my favorite flavor being crafted from scratch right in front of me was delightful. The end result was pure indulgence – the creamiest, most flavorful Ice Cream I have ever tasted. The Creamy Wheels is definitely my go-to place for frozen delights from now on!” FIVE STARS

Food Enthusiast

Daniel Dolman

Not a review person but got to give credit when it’s due. This place is top tier. The customer service is above excellent! The ice cream and waffle is not only tasteful but visually appeasing. If you haven’t been here yet this is a place to stop by on a quick outing with the wife and/or kids. 10/10 given!


Jhonathan Rider

“Amazing food and experience.
The food was, as per usual, absolutely delicious!”

Jennifer G

New York City, New York
Andrea Wellington
Andrea Wellington
The most delicious ice cream I've ever had.
Yash Parmar
Yash Parmar
Amazing ice-cream. Unique taste and flavor
Forgot to take a picture! But EXTREMELY YUMMMYYY☺️ Jumanji tastes wonderful! Very peculiar flavors together that merge so nicely!💜 My new favorite rolled ice cream spot!
Leena Fedin
Leena Fedin
Finally got to try this spot! Definitely worth a stop.🤗
Myrna Collazo
Myrna Collazo
This is a hidden gem! The ice cream was delicious and Gus is amazing. Definitely stopping by again!
Emilee Bolden
Emilee Bolden
I feel as though it was a tiny bit overpriced since...I usually don't get ice cream for that much but it was really good. I can definitely say I paid more for the experience. I really enjoyed watching him make my ice cream and waffles. Was warm and fresh!
Krista MAC
Krista MAC
Caramel Iced Macchiato was DELICIOUS, better than most big chain restaurants. The warm waffle with condensed milk was out of this world. Can’t wait to make this our new local guilty pleasure




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